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September 7th 2006
Win tickets to dancenorth's "Underneath"

A scene from underneath Between 13 and 15 September, Dance North will present "Underneath" - described as, "a hypnotic exploration of the world that lies beneath the skin of the everyday." And if you are a News Club member (anybody can join for free) then you can enter our Underneath competition to win a free double pass worth $60 to see Underneath on a night of your choosing during the season.

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Here is some information about Underneath:

Internationally renowned dancers from lawn (Australia) and Shoku (Japan) will perform the Australian premiere of their new dance theatre work Underneath at Townsville's School of Arts Theatre on Wednesday 13, Thursday 14 and Friday 15 September 2006.

Devised for the Australia-Japan Dance Exchange 2006, Underneath combines contemporary Australian and Japanese dance in a "beautiful and engrossing cross-cultural experience", says Artistic Director of dancenorth australia Gavin Webber, who also performs in and choreographed the show.

"Audiences will be mesmerised by the surreal nature of Underneath, which, through dance, delves into the subconscious of urban dwellers to explore what lies behind the skin of the everyday world," Gavin said.

"The performance appeals to a wide audience base but especially appeals to young people because it is very funky and fresh, with lots of duo work, striking costumes and music," he said.

Internationally famed Japanese model Sayoko Yamaguchi has designed the costumes, which range from white business shirts to bright yellow raincoats, representing themes of conformity and redemption.

Acclaimed Japanese musician Jiro Matsumoto has created a varied score, featuring guitar loop rhythms, the kazoo and singing, all of which Jiro will perform live.

Performer and choreographer Gavin Webber says the Australia-Japan partnership was a risk, but one that paid off.

"This partnership was a risky endeavour - putting people together from two completely different countries to create something that will appeal to audiences from both," Gavin said.

"Because we collaborated on every section, the whole piece is a very unique and effective blend of two cultures," he said. "It was also fantastic to work with leading Japanese dancers, who give the work a raw, wild edge with their cathartic, improvised style," he said.

Underneath was created by Splintergroup's three male dancers who worked with the Powerhouse in 2004/2005 to produce two sell-out seasons of lawn, which was selected to open the prestigious biennial dance market Tanzplattform earlier this year.

Splintergroup collaborated with Japanese dance company Batik to create Underneath.

Batik comprises three female dancers who performed Shoku to critical acclaim at the Powerhouse in 2005.

Underneath premiered at Red Brick Warehouse No. 1 in Yokohama for the Australia-Japan Dance Exchange 2006.

Now, to win the free double pass, you are invited, if you are a News Club member, to use the comments box below to write in ten words or less about what "underneath" (the word, the idea, the feeling) means to you.

Win tickets to dancenorth's "Underneath"
September 8th 2006
Hooks ready
wet confetti
seagrass trails
turtle exhales
underneath the-jetty
September 11th 2006
deep within
under my skin
hidden from those
not exposed
September 11th 2006
underneath the table
kids cubby
little world
no label
September 11th 2006
dark & moist
mysterious but nice
September 12th 2006
under my skin
below the surface
deep in the dirt

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