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September 6th 2006
Blue on Blue: doubts over rest of project proceeding

Part of the Blue on Blue site Workers have been laid off at Gordon Property Group's Blue on Blue construction site with talk that building on some sections of the development may be halted.

Amid rumours circulating on the Island it has been difficult to establish just how many subcontractors and workers have been or will be laid off but, according to Mr Andrew Wood, Construction Manager for Rapid Form concreters, "It is still in the hands of the developers but there are serious doubts that the rest of the project will go ahead".

Mr Wood told, regarding lay-offs from the site, "We've put off a few, but that's construction work for you"

Staff from Abigroup, the major building contractor for the site, however denied that there had been any halt or slow down.

Gordon Property Developers, North Queensland General Manager, Mr Bob McKay has been uncontactable today for a comment.

It is understood that the buildings in question are on the Sooning Street side of the complex.

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Blue on Blue: doubts over rest of project proceeding
September 7th 2006
Will the sorry saga of Magnetic Harbour never end?
The Blue on Blue development has been filling many of us with incredulity that something so out of sympathy with the rural charm which brings so many tourists to our lovely island could ever have received planning permission - however, it has: now we can only hope that it is completed and soon, so that we can learn to live with it. A half-finished development and mouldering bulding site can do nothing but harm to our already dented image.
The only positive I can think of in this sorry situation is that it might cause other developers to think twice before starting any more potential white elephants.
September 7th 2006
Does this mean the concrete batching plant will have to stay there until the construction is fully finished (ie. indefinitely)? Or until another construction project comes along - like next door where the latest 'Ugliness on Ugliness' is due to be piled up the hillside now that Council let it go and couldn't get it back.
Don't even think about it Jill. "Other developers" never think twice. They don't think once about "our already dented image" - except about how they can dent it into something else.

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