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September 6th 2006
Greens leave preferences to voters

Mundingburra Greens candidate Jenny Stirling Today Jenny Stirling, Greens candidate for Mundingburra, and Burdekin Greens candidate Anja Light revealed that the Greens will be not be recommending preferences in Saturday's election to the party they now dub, "The Developers Labor Party" .

"Across Queensland, 69 of the 89 seats contested by the Greens, including those in the Townsville region, will not be allocating preferences. Instead we are recommending that voters use their informed judgement to allocate preferences.", said Ms Stirling.

Greens' preferences have usually favoured Labor and play a very important role when the contest between the two major parties is close.

Ms Stirling stated, "Preferencing an incumbent is our endorsement of their performance. This is why we are not giving our preferences to Labor. They have failed to protect the health and well-being of this community. They have failed to plan for our future in terms of transport, health service, and types of industry we place within our city, and we do not expect them to perform any better if re-elected."

"In Yarloop, Western Australia the local residents had an alumina refinery imposed on them, causing serious health problems, including cancer. It took years of privately run and funded air quality testing before the government their honoured their responsibility to health and rights these people. Chalco will bring this same problem to Townsville", Ms Stirling continued.

According to the Greens, the Burdekin is also under threat from the Beattie government's proposal to build a pipeline from the Burdekin dam, to Brisbane.

"The Burdekin's water supply is not limitless and with the rest of Queensland dipping in, things will run low for farmers here. It's not fair that we should be expected to provide water for the rest of the State

Greens leave preferences to voters
Dave Kimble
September 6th 2006
Labor's Lindy Nelson Carr is against the Chalco development coming to Townsville, and Mike Reynolds "understands her position". But they are part of the Beattie Team and will always do what the boss says when the crunch comes. Its simple, if you don't vote the party line, you are expelled.

So the only way to stop the 2.7 million tonnes of toxic waste per year is to vote for the Greens. You can still give your second preference to Labor - that way you will be telling Beattie you don't want China taking all the aluminium and all the profits and leaving us with the toxic waste to look after for all eternity.
September 7th 2006
Dave Kimble should give the democratic smart state credit where it is due. Optional Preferential Voting means that you have a choice about whether or not you try to "send a message". Giving someone your second preference ALWAYS means you are voting FOR them, even if less than enthusiastically. There's something exquisitely golden and unambiguous about silence.

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