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September 1st 2006
Greens' candidate withdraws

John Boucher John Boucher, the Greens' candidate for Townsville said today that he was withdrawing as the Greens' candidate. He said that all the media attention to his police charge was distracting attention from the real issues in the campaign.

"There are 74 other candidates standing for the Greens across Queensland, and they need an opportunity to get the message across that the Greens offer practical and sustainable solutions to the problems facing Queensland", Mr Boucher said.

"Health, public transport, light rail, stopping the Townsville State Development Area, and our vision for Townsville are all more relevant issues for this campaign."

"My name will remain on the ballot paper so a vote for me will still be a vote for the Greens."

Acording to the Townsville Bulletin, "Boucher, 55, was fined $300 after pleading guilty to a public nuisance charge in the Townsville Magistrates Court last Monday."

He was arrested by a plain clothes police officer at a toilet block at Pallarenda while investigating claims of police harassment towards gay men.

Mr Boucher had pleaded guilty to the offence but claimed his actions were misinterpreted.

According to the Bulletin report (read here) Mr Boucher said the undercover officer had mistook his hand action in his pants for masturbating.

"I had my hand in my pants but I had underpants underneath," he said.

John Boucher will be making no further comments to the media.

The Greens' candidate for Mundingburra, Jenny Stirling told, "I will now speak for all Townsville and Magnetic Island."

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Greens candidate withdraws
September 1st 2006
I guess if you only vote 1 for John and no other preference it would not only be a vote for a non-candidate but a very pure and radical protest vote for the 'two-party NOT preferred' tally. Hmmm.

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