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August 30th 2006
Storm surges into election

A very high tide at Nelly Bay Following criticism by coastal scientists of the planned Breakwater canal development and previous developments at Bushland Beach, as, "an example of poor planning," the Townsville Green's candidate, Jenny Stirling told, "In the light of climate change and the prospect of super cyclones, this government has shown itself not to be up to the task of governing for the best interests of residents."

Coastal geomorphologists, Professor Nick Harvey, (Adelaide) and Dr. Scott Smithers and Associate. Professor Kevin Parnell (JCU), were reported by the Townsville Bulletin to have indicated that eight metre storm surges were possible for Townsville in a super cyclone.

The article, "Twin cities under water" reported on a paper the scientists gave to the International Geographic Union conference in Brisbane, in which delegates were told that state government approved projects such as the Breakwater Canal Estate and Northern Beaches are not sensible developments in that they are not safe from storm surges.

Greens candidate for Mundingburra, Jenny Stirling said, "This government has sold out to property developers who now contribute more to Labor Party coffers than trade unions. And it shows in the quality of developments they are approving in the Townsville regions."

According to Professor Parnell, there were some errors in the Bulletin's report. He claimed that the 8 metre storm surge possibility for Townsville was not correct. He told, "Storm surge is a potentially serious problem in any low-lying coastal area.

Storm surges into election
Vern Veitch
September 1st 2006
Development in any low-lying area is fraught with risks and in Australia, there is simply no need for it. We are not short of safe places to develop - nor are we short of old run-down developments that should be redeveloped.
To continue to plan and approve developments in areas without taking into consideration the known risks of tidal surge and sea level rise that will come with global warming is clearly irresponsible.
Even less responsible is the development of heavy noxious industries in low lying areas close to the coast where any toxic spill will run into a World Heritage Area.
Stuart is such an area with much of the land being less than 5 metres above height datum or lesss than 2 metres above highest astronomical tide.
Industrial development is likely to build itself high pads to reduce the risk but this pushes the water elsewhere and in the case of Stuart, onto existing residential areas.
The "She'll be right" atitude of developers and approving authorities must be called to question.Why would they bother to take these risks and we must all be asking our politicians why this type of development is still being approved. Who is going to foot the bill?
Vern Veitch

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