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August 22nd 2006
Poetry vs media

It's not often these days that a poet will buy into an election campaign but, magnetictimes.poetry contributor, Franz Huber has come out swinging with a little gem, a poem about politics but really about we who tell you how it is. So in the interests of reader enjoyment we take it square on the chin and let Franz's poem begin!

A Queensland cobber, Gus McTess
with diligence perused the press;
He planned, with quiet introspection,
to keep informed re the election.

The Courier Mail had a depiction
of Dr Bruce to face eviction
from one of Redcliffe's Shopping Malls.
Meanwhile, M'Beattie, he enthralls
with promises that cost 3 billion
against The Borg's 500 million,

and no, his plans he will not shelve:
A thousand beds by Twenty12.
A promise some 6 years away?
Gus hopes that he will see the day.

The Nats say our law's too tame
on juveniles committing crime:
"We want them named! And stuff the rants
of Civil Libertari-ants!"

Such issues impact less and less
on citizens like Gus McTess.
So Gus switched on the ABC
for comment'ry to hear and see:

Some more of Beattie's spending spree
"Far more elective surgery!"
And Chris "The Bomber" will prevail
and Caltibiano sure will fail!

To show some balance in reporting
(they wouldn't want to be distorting)
they said Ray What's his Name did win
replacement for dumped Bob Quinn.

McTess thinks, in a state of flux:
The media sucks.

Franz Huber

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Poetry vs media
Hoyt Drake
August 23rd 2006
Delightful, Refreshing, Franz !
Well Done, Hoyt (Nelly Bay)
rando wood
September 1st 2006
Not sure of the political situation, Franz, but I love your sense of rhythm and rhyme. RW

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