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May 27th 2009
Magnetic like you've never seen it before

A still from the film Dinosaurs, flame belching volcanoes and corn cobs from outta-space are not your ordinary Island sights. But, for a young film maker, Kasimir Zierl, and his mate, Sam Kininmonth, both of whom grew up on Magnetic Island, the whacky sci-fi scenario came to life as they put their attempt to win a Doritos' advert competition together.

Kas has since learned that their efforts were in vain competition-wise but, the short film, Doritos, evolved for your enjoyment, which the guys posted to Utube (here), was made in a stop-start fashion over two months and the effects are very entertaining. Utilising Final Cut Pro editing software we see a meteoric corn cob zooming past the flaming volcano atop Balding Bay (has anybody warned Horseshoe Bay?), Doritos walking, as corn triangles do, along a granitic, Magnetic, micro-landscape and evolution being proved beyond doubt to the chagrin of creationists.

Kas, who has just completed his Advanced Diploma in Film Screen Media at Brisbane's Southbank TAFE, told Magnetic Times, he and Sam developed the idea together.

Kas is particularly keen on Magnetic's granite rocks which he put to great effect in the film. “The rocks are my favourite Island feature. If I lived in the city this would be much harder. It's easy here. Everything is so nice and beautiful and close together.” said Kas.

Kas leaves this weekend for India and then on to visit his dad, a professional film extra in Germany, and is hoping to pick up some work with him.

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Magnetic like you've never seen it before
May 26th 2009
I loved it, very clever all round - well done Sam and Kas. What about a Part 2?
Whitey the crocodile
May 27th 2009
Very clever and entertaining Sam and Kaz. How about a doco bout me? Crikey!
May 27th 2009
Voted for this in the comp and couldn't believe it didn't make it to the finals! Very professional and 'outside the square'. Talented people who will go far!

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