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September 29th 2002
Upgrade to Forts Track

The Forts track - photo QPWS Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) will upgrade some of Magnetic Island's most popular walking trails, including the historic World War Two Forts track.

QPWS Ranger in Charge Greg Inglis said The Forts walking track provided access to an important icon of the Island's European history.

"A team of 25 men from the Main Roads Commission completed the Forts and track - a major engineering feat - between September 1942 and April 1943," Mr Inglis said.

"Building materials from the mainland complemented Island sand and granite boulders crushed on site.

"The Australian Coast Artillery Units operated the Forts complex from 1943 until the end of the Pacific War in 1945."

Mr Inglis said the fort ruins were now listed on the Register of the National Estate, and were protected under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992, as well as by the Magnetic Island National Park.

"This is the most popular track in the park, and has required repairs often, as the soil is decomposed granite, which erodes easily.

"The upgrade will also include revegetation of the sides of the track and drainage control.

"These works are designed to substantially reduce ongoing maintenance. They will also enhance the visitor experience and improve visitor safety."

Mr Inglis said the track upgrade was part of a project to upgrade directional signs and tracks in various locations on the island.

"QPWS is contributing funding and resources to complement a federal regional tourism grant secured by Townsville Enterprise Limited.

"QPWS considers the improvement of visitor facilities vital in encouraging sustainable recreation and tourism."

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