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July 16th 2006
Poem by Valberg Larusson

Valberg Larusson is an Icelandic software expert who lived on Magnetic Island a few years ago. Valberg has some very special personal history with Magnetic and shares a little of that with his following letter and poem.

Dear ed,
I like your poetry initiative and would like to submit my contribution. When I first was on Magnetic Island I borrowed a romantic poem about the island, from a book on the island's history, to impress a girl at a very romantic moment by the pond at Magnetic Mango.

Having recited the poem by heart the girls were very impressed, while our friend Tom was on the verge of throwing up. Wether he was just jealouse of the attention I received for my poetic flair or genuinly shocked by my soft words, I never knew.

However, the poem I send you is my repayment for momentarely stealing the poem that starts with the words "Oh, Magnetic Island in your sea of blue". Although I tried to excuse my mushyness to Tom by noting that I did not write the poem myself, the girls apparently did not hear that.

Later when the girl I was trying to impress became my girlfriend, the realisation of me not having written that poem became somewhat of a dissapointment. Hence, I wrote this one to her to make my mends. Written somewhat in the same vein and style as the original I was finally forgiven.

Remember the night on the cat,
and Taegan's fluffy hat!
The breakies on the beach
and a bay almost out of reach.

Diving and snorkling on the island
waist by waist or hand in hand.
Sufistinn for coffees and cakes,
the Tablelands and their lakes

Snapper and a dangerous crock
the road to radical with its rock
Magnetic Mango and the International
the poems on deck so inspirational

Ferry runs in the morning sun
I'll have you know, I ran faster than you hun
Skaftafell and Thingvellir too,
wonderfull times shared by me and you

Valberg Larusson

To clarify a few unfamiliar words Valberg adds: "S

Poem by Valberg Larusson
Dot Church
October 1st 2007
I like it! It is so good when guys like poetry and better still when they write it. You painted a fun but romantic picture in my mind! Thanks!

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